People Whom You can Trust!

Honest, Reliable, and Hard Working. Great service, great people will not use anyone else. If you need property management services use this company.
, Kentucky

Meticulous Property Management

I am a meticulous homeowner I want my properties to be kept in top notch conditions. I realized that a property in great shape procures and keeps better quality tenants. I explained this to Jose and as soon as the tenant reported any issues with the property he was on top of it. These properties are part of my retirement nest egg and making sure that they stay in pristine condition my top priority.  RPM&S Inc. while you are managing my properties they are in good hands!
, New York

This company offers FREE EVICTIONS!

I am so glad that RPM&S offers free evictions. My tenant started falling behind on their rent payments and finally stopped paying the rent. Reliable sprang into action right away and had the tenant evicted in 5 weeks and rented to a new tenant on week 6. Truly remarkable they really treat the properties as if it was their own. Good Job Guys Keep up your good Work!!
, Hollywood Beach Florida


Reliable! This word does describe their service. I Highly recommend this great company.
, St. Cloud Florida

I love this Company1

Trustworthy! That is the word I can use to describe Reliable Property Management. I’ve been in the landlord business over 25 years and I had my share of unscrupulous people manage my properties. Jose and his team kept me informed of maintenance issues provided me with a monthly statement, invoices, and my rent payment is wired to my bank account monthly like clockwork.  I wish RPM&S inc. was a franchise so they would manage all my properties. Keep up the good work!
, Maryland

Simply The Best!

I transferred my property from another big name management company to Reliable Property Management & Sales. I immediately notice the difference with RPM&S Inc. the service was more personalized they knew my property and my needs and they went beyond my expectations. Unlike the huge mega company they were inflexible with their rigid policies, they didn’t know my property, they didn’t care about my needs and my property remained vacant for months at a time. I realized that they didn’t need or respect my business so I took it elsewhere. The difference between them and RPM&S was day and night. If you want Reliable, personalized service for your property management needs call RPM&S Inc.
, Orlando Florida

Honest and Trustworthy

I purchased and investment property in Florida and I am so happy that the realtor who sold me the home recommended Reliable Property Management & Sales Inc. I own several properties throughout the United States which are managed by property management companies; I find that with Reliable Property Management & Sales Inc. I have less vacancy and a continued flow of monthly rental income, their service is honest and they don’t charge all types of ridiculous fees. I would highly recommend RPM&S Inc.
, Washington State

Came Through for ME

I used Reliable Property Management & Sales Inc. to manage my property in Kissimmee, and I am glad that I did. I managed the property on my own and rented the place to a friend (well a so called friend). After the first month, my tenant stopped paying. Partially it was my fault I kept giving the tenant chances to pay or leave and they always promised that they would pay but did not. After about five months of giving them opportunities to pay the rent or move out, I finally had to evict them.  I’ve been using RPM&S Inc. for the past three years and every month I have been receiving the rent and the home has been maintained in good condition. RPM&S Inc. procured me a wonderful tenant, and I couldn’t be happier. I recommend RPM&S Inc. to any landlord that needs to rent out their property they are GREAT!
, Fort Lauderdale

Real comforting to deal with

Being an absentee seller, I found it to be a real comfort dealing with  Jose. Thank you, Jose for being the professional you are!
, New York

Went out of his way to make the house show better

We were for sale by owners and felt we needed the MLS exposure and contacted a few Realtors. Jose's presentation was professional and honest. I felt he gave me honest answers to my questions on price, saleability, and marketing, not just the answers he thought I wanted to hear. Jose went out of his way to make the house show better and kept me informed on everything that went on. I always felt I was given that added personal touch!
, Fort Lauderdale

A pleasure to work with!

Jose De Jesus is an A+ in every aspect as a real estate broker. If  I ever sell again, Jose is the only Realtor I would ever call, no matter what company he would be with! Very professional, all areas of the sale were covered and explained in detail. A pleasure to work with!
, Orlando Florida