Cable/ Satellite Dish Installation Request



  • As of today’s date, I (we) the tenants at the above referenced address, make a request to install the above We understand the following if approved: 1. We are responsible for the cost of installation and this will not be reimbursed to us at any time 2. When the company completes the installation, there is to be no damage to the property. If there is damage, we are responsible for the cost of repairs and/or maintenance. 3. If a satellite dish, we must call RPM&S for approval of the location prior to installation. 4. If the company installing our request requires written authorization in addition to this form, they are to submit their documentation to the RPM&S office, and RPM&S will complete the documentation. 5. When leaving property, it is your responsibility to disconnect the services, and pay all billings incurred by the tenants listed below. 6. Any damage incurred upon disconnection will be at our expense. 7. We understand all persons on the rental/lease agreement are required to sign below and all are jointly and severally liable.